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SABRFC COVID Classic Rugby Golf Tournament Registration is OPEN

When: Saturday, August 22nd @ 11AM

Where: ESG

The Saturday sun beams down on ESG. The last golfer of the day stares down the 9th and final hole. This par 3 is all about finesse and accuracy. Their first kick, perfectly weighted to bounce towards the hole, has brought them onto the green. Ball in hand, they prepare a cheeky little grubber kick that could bring their team glory, honor, and of course; ice cold club beer. (THIS COULD BE YOU)

It's rugby golf time!! This official SABRFC club social event will take place on Aug. 22nd at ESG.

There will be a 9- hole course to play through with your foursome. Each player will have a rugby ball and will try to use their skills to get the best score they can.

If possible register as a foursome and if not we will match you with one!

The cost of the event will be 80$ per team or 20$ per individual. This ticket price includes your access to the tournament which can win you prizes (sponsored by some unknown shop known as "le scrum"), a small bbq lunch and "beverage" and an exclusive ONECLUB Buff (see picture below). We encourage foursomes to come dressed as a theme to compete for best costume prizes!

President Sommer and her Covid-free task force will be enforcing social distancing and safety measures to keep the event healthy and safe!

ONECLUB Buff (modelled by Stone, picture to the left) can be used as a mask, a sweatband to help keep you from touching your face at practice, or to rob a bank! Wear your heart (#oneclub) on your face and walk around in style for the rest of the pandemic!!

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