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Volunteers Needed - SAINTS Jamboree - June 9th @ Ecole St-Georges

Good day SAINTS, SAINTS Families, Alumni, and Senior SABRFC Men & Women,

Every year, our SAINTS junior program is responsible for hosting a junior rugby jamboree.

This year, ours falls on June 9 (Sunday), and we need over 60 volunteers!

Our Club always puts on a great show, and the jamboree is super well attended, with kids from U6 to U14 making their way to our field. This year, our U16 and U18 juniors aren't playing elsewhere that day, so they, too, are free to help volunteer.

Like we do every year, we break down jobs into several shifts, which we find makes it a little easier on people to donate some time, as well as fairly distributes the work across many helpers so it's not the same people all day doing the same thing with little help.

Please select the tasks and times you can help and add your name to the slot given.

If you have any questions, please DM me, email ( or call 438-453-4040.


Moe - Coach u18 boys and Volunteer Director - SABRFC




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