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The Government of Québec announced that from October 8th to October 28th Montréal is at a level 4 (red) alert zone and that all organized sports are prohibited. This means that we will not be holding any in person events until October 28th at the earliest. We have therefore returned to phase one "quarantrain on your own."

It will be awhile before we can see each other face-to-face again and I wanted to let you know that we are still connected and will continue to make the best of our situation as ONE CLUB! Please see below for a number of plans to stay united throughout this time and to access resources for mental health support.


  1. COVID-Orphan Thanksgiving: Since we are not able to visit our family and friends, SABRFC will be hosting a Zoom call for all those who have been "orphaned" for Thanksgiving this year due to COVID-19. Bring your leftovers and join the team on Tuesday, October 13th at 7PM (

  2. Virtual ATM's & Club Challenges: Since touch is on hold until the alert level is lowered we will look to start hosting virtual ATM's and physical challenges (e.g., Strava) so that we can continue to compete and connect. Let us know if you have ideas or would like to lead a challenge!

  3. Virtual Banquet: In order to celebrate this unique season we will be hosting a virtual banquet. Please contact me if you would like to be part of the planning committee!

  4. SABRFC Allyship & Action: We will start the conversation on race and move towards a long term plan to become better ally's and take action! Please email me ( if you would like to be part of this initiative.

  5. What do you want?? Please let us know if you have any suggestions for helping us stay connected this winter. All suggestions are welcome!

Your mental health matters to US!

  1. First and foremost, let's stay connected and support each other as we have already done so well. Reach out and check in on your teammates and don't hesitate to seek help for yourself.

  2. Please feel free to contact me directly ( for a confidential chat, an empathetic ear, and help finding resources that may work best for you.

  3. You can also contact Sport' Aide for COVID-19 mental health related support services.

Stay safe & well, Sommer Christie, SABRFC president


As always, we highly recommend respecting the health guidelines of social distance, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently and following good respiratory hygiene practices (e.g., cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (elbow, upper arm or disposable paper tissue). Furthermore:



  2. Call the coronavirus hotline (1-877-644-4545) to be directed to the appropriate resources.


- onset or worsening of a cough

- difficulty breathing

- fever

- extreme fatigue

- sudden loss of sense of smell without nasal congestion, with or without loss of taste

- sore throat

- headache

- muscular pain

- major loss of appetite

- diarrhea

Stay safe!

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