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Saturday, May 14th 2022

Last weekend was a big day, our first rugby 15s game in two years! Our women's reserves team faced the Ottawa Banshees, while our women's prems team, as well as both men's team went up against the Town of Mount Royal.

Our women's reserves team brought back the win with an incredible team effort and performance of 62-24. Leyla Barraza (prop) was named player of the game. Her insistent steals in the rucks allowed the team to launch attacks from the Banshee's rucks. Leyla fought hard at the breakdowns and demonstrated great leadership in her pod.

On our women's prems side, Brianna Miller (scrumhalf) was selected as player of the game. Despite the hard fought loss against TMRRFC with a score of 24-39, Miller contributed on both sides of the ball - making key tackles and setting the tempo on attack, including an intercept try and a kick through for a teammate to score.

For the second's team, the final score was 22-38, another hard fought game. Maxime Gaudreau (winger) had an excellent debut game of senior men's rugby, including 2 fine finishes on the wing for tries! In each case, Max caught the ball with a few players to beat and used some fancy footwork to slip by the defenders.

Finally, the men's prems team had a tough loss with a final score of 0-43. Nonetheless, Zach Cormier (flanker) stood out with a terrific performance on the defensive side of the ball. Often seen as the first player up in defense. Zach made some bone crunching tackles on the opposition.

This weekend, our women's reserves team is headed to Westwood Park, to face the Barbs. Best of luck! Our women's prems team and both men's teams will be back stronger next Saturday.



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