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We all shine on the field in the summer, and now is the time to GIVE BACK in the winter snow!!! Show your club spirit this winter and support the booze basket raffle, the Ste Anne's foodbank drive and the ongoing efforts to support the Montreal homeless. If you still have energy after selling (or buying!) booze basket tickets and carrying boxes of food, join the fun at Abbott for a multisport gym night on Friday, December 9th!


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th @ 3:00 PM (meet at 23 St. Pierre or Harpell)

Each year the food bank relies on our club to move the food collected during the day from Harpell, where it is sorted, down to the food bank (above le scrum). This food drive supports at least 95 families in the town of Ste-Annes during the holiday period, while many rely on the food bank all year. Make sure you come out to support our town and demonstrate just how great ONE CLUB can be.


Each year the club asks every senior member and/or parent of a Saint to donate a bottle of booze (wine or spirits) WORTH 30$ OR MORE. The bottles are divided up into 10 baskets and decorated.