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SABRFC's Traditional Booze Basket Raffle will take place at Stone's on the evening of December 22nd. There will be up to 10 baskets (10 bottles each) and a grand prize basket to win! You can buy tickets from any ONE CLUB member or send an e-transfer to Stone ( letting him know your name and phone number. Raffle tickets are 1 for 5$, 3 for 10$ or 7 for 20$.

All club members are asked to donate a bottle of booze (can be wine, spirits, beer) that will be raffled off on December 22nd at Stone's. Bring a bottle to 23 st. p or email transfer 30$ to for a bottle.

To sell (or buy) tickets you can pick them up at 23 st p. Do not give out the stub, the whole ticket goes into the draw bucket. If you can’t pick any up you can still sell tickets by getting the buyer's name and phone number which we will transfer to the tickets for the draw (we can send a photo if necessary). They sell themselves, everyone loves a booze basket raffle.

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