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First off, a huge congratulations to everyone for WINNING THE 2020 RUGBY QUEBEC STRAVA CUP CHALLENGE!! As I had said earlier this summer, we are and always have been together even when we are apart! That is how we WIN ONECLUB! Well done.

Second, there will be NO club training for the next two weeks. The Return to Rugby (R2R) Task Force met again last night to discuss our potential return and feel that it is important to be cautious as the trends in COVID-19 cases are currently moving in an upward direction. It has always been our priority to keep our members safe, and we feel that even with the measures we have in place to prevent the spread at practice, it is near impossible to control for all aspects or anticipate all possibilities. Considering the current upward trend we have decided to suspend practices for another two weeks because the risk is simply too high.

Your coaches will be in touch with you shortly to provide training that you can do on your own or in small groups. Also, stay tuned for new and fun challenges that we will be running as a club!